Core Values

Core Values

The Bible tells us that growth occurs when believers gather together (Proverbs 27:17). Whether that gathering is a Bible Study, a potluck, or simply a conversation over a cup of coffee, discipleship can occur when individuals come together and fellowship.

At Allendale First Baptist Church, discipleship is a central part of who we are as a church. We Glorify God by Growing in our faith, so we may be able to Go share the hope found in Christ with the world.

Acceptance & Diversity

Our church is a multi-generational and multi-ethnic family. Our membership consists of a variety of people who gather together in acceptance of each other. We are a congregation that consists of many spiritual and prayerful members through many different cultural aspects.

Worship & Music & Fellowship

We gather every week to celebrate the glory of God through music, fellowship, and discipleship. Bearing in mind the complexity of our Great Lord, we gather each week to understand and familiarize ourselves with Christ. Our traditional service is apt to fill the hearts of all generations that attend. Our choir performs many diverse songs, both contemporary and traditional, every Sunday morning. Our Sound and Music Department runs the entire worship service on air through 93.5 Big Dog radio station for the church family and Allendale community. We are committed to peace, prosperity, and the unity of our members. Together we form a stronghold of friendships and bonds that we hope to keep sacred and everlasting.

Youth & Children’s Ministry

We desire to aid the youth and young children in forming their own personal relationship with Christ. We hope to bring many of these young developing minds to their salvation and freedom in Jesus Christ the Lord.

We construct many opportunities such as summer camps, Vacation Bible School, and mission trips to help the children develop leadership qualities that will aid them in everyday life.

We also minister to students at the University of South Carolina Salkehatchie Campus through ABBA’s Kitchen, which provides a home-cooked meal to students who are away from home and also features Bible study, devotional programs and recreational opportunities.

Biblical Preaching & Biblical Teaching & People of Prayer

Our church is based around the principles inherent in the Word of God. We teach our children and adults through the Bible. We are blessed by the reading of God’s Holy Word each and every day and believe in its truth.

We also have a prayer chain that consists of spiritual leaders and members of our church. They pray for healing, grace, mercy, love, redemption, needs of the suffering, financial problems, and reconstruction of the church and the world.

We hope to build God’s Kingdom and heal his Dominion through preaching, teaching, and the power of prayer.

Women in Deacon and Leadership Roles

The women of our church are empowered by the Holy Spirit to perform as deacons and be involved in many other leadership roles. The women nurture and cultivate the minds of the younger and older generation through their evangelism and ministry.

Community Outreach

As a church, we find it our duty to reach out to our community and its people. We believe that evangelization of the community will bring forth a change within its people. We have many programs that help us join together in the name of God to heal the community of Allendale. We sponsor annual community workdays and support Kairos, a ministry that reaches out to the inmates at the state prison located in Allendale County.

We look for more creative and innovative forms of outreach.