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“People Need the Lord”–Philip the Apostle – 8/30/2020

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Philip, often called the Evangelist, new that his mission was to take the message of Christ to other lands. According to myth, he did most of his teaching in present day Greece and Syria. But here in Acts 8, he ministered to one man, and changed many lives thru his discipleship and willingness to witness in the world.

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for – 8/23/2020

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We are all a people searching, and just because we may be followers of Christ does not mean that we may not be searching…look at Jeremiah at times in his life.

With the PARABLE OF THE TALENTS, we see Jesus challenging us with what happens when we search…all the while challenging us too to participate faithfully in the search.

“In too deep” – 08/09/2020

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Where do we go in life when life feels like it is caving in around us, or when the odds seem so amazingly against us? And it is easy…whether sin take us down, the world seems too tough, relationships are untrustworthy, or our self-confidence is simply shot…we all feel like at times we have no where to turn.

The 1 Kings story of ELIJAH against the prophets of Ba’al proves that even against the worst odds imaginable, God is on our side in the battle.

“He is risen” still – 08/02/2020

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The story of Christ’s resurrection is important each day of the year; and how can it have an impact in today’s world.

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